June 18, 2018

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debt relief If you are in financial trouble, you are not alone. Each year over a million Americans file bankruptcy. At the Law Offices of Darrel C. Rumley we have helped families and small businesses just like you find the legal solutions they needed to put their finances and their lives back on track. If you are contemplating bankruptcy, we know that you have plenty of questions. Bankruptcy Questions Answered...

Estate Planning

estate planning folsom Estate planning is a broad term that includes preparation of wills and trusts, gifting issues, including contributions to charitable organizations and other issues relating to the distribution of estates, including tax issues and insurance. Often estate planning includes strategies to avoid probating an estate. Estate Planning Questions Answered...

Trust & Wills

Trust-Wills-CA All of the property that is inside the trust avoids probate. A trust can provide significant estate tax savings and, in some cases, totally eliminate estate taxes. Trusts allow for professional management of your investments during your lifetime. Trust & Wills Questions Answered...